About Evictions Plus, Inc.

Evictions Plus, Inc. is an independent, non-attorney service dedicated to assisting landlords with evictions, and providing eviction related services. We have provided these services to our clients since January 1992. In these pages you will find statistics showing how much time and money Evictions Plus, Inc. has saved our clients, and information on new services that are available to you now.

Save Money with Evictions Plus, Inc.

Highly Cost Effective

Evictions Plus, Inc. conducted a survey of 53 local attorneys. The survey examined the fees charged by attorneys and the time required to remove the tenant from the property. As landlord, you lose money for every day the tenant occupies the unit, because it is unavailable for rental. This is known as "lost rent". Evictions Plus, Inc.' fees and lost rent combined total less than the average attorneys' fee alone. Evictions Plus, Inc. can remove an unwanted tenant in as little as 14 days. On average, fees and lost rent when using an attorney are 2.5 times greater than when using Evictions Plus, Inc.

Time Is Money!

These are the services we provide in the Tampa Bay area:

  • Setting up a same-day appointment is easy! We'll have you in and out of our office in less than 5 minutes!
  • We will have all your documentation ready to complete your eviction. You sign it and we notarize it.
  • We make all copies; one for you, three for the court, and one for our files.
  • We file each paper with the court when it is due.
  • We monitor your case through Judgment for Possession.
    (A Court Order giving you the right to possession of the property.)
  • We have the Writ of Possession issued and take it to the Sheriff.
    (This is the document that authorizes the Sheriff to remove the tenant.)
  • We do all this in as little as 14 days.* (Statistics vary by county.)

Time Is Money! You can save both with Evictions Plus, Inc.

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* Figures based on results in Hillsborough county.