Free Notices

Evictions Plus, Inc. makes available to you Statutory notices for use within the State of Florida.

We have distilled our years of Eviction experience to provide forms that will help you to "get it right the first time" when you use them to give notice to your tenants. By using these notices, you could save money and inconvenience if you have to follow up with an eviction.

Simply click the form name to download the appropriate notice, print, fill in the blanks and hand the original to your tenant.

Be sure to keep a copy for yourself!

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Please pick which type of eviction you'd like us to process:

Eviction Information Sheet (For Residential Evictions) - To be completed and sent to Evictions Plus, Inc. to begin eviction process on Residential properties ONLY. You can also begin this process electronically without filling out paperwork by clicking the "Start Eviction" button on the left.

Eviction Information Sheet (For Commercial Evictions) - To be completed and sent to Evictions Plus, Inc. to begin eviction process on Commercial properties ONLY. If you'd like to begin an eviction on a Residential property, please download the form above or click the "Start Eviction" button to the left.

Foreclosure Information Sheet (For Occupant(s) Removal in a Foreclosure Case) - To be completed and sent to Evictions Plus, Inc. to begin process on properties purchased at Courthouse Auction Only.

Eviction Notices

Request To Prepare and Serve Three Day Notice
Please complete and e-mail or fax to Evictions Plus, Inc. to have a Three Day Notice prepared and served for you.

Three Day Notice
For non-payment of rent. See accompanying instructions on how to complete this form. Updated May 3, 2021 to comply with Consumer Financial Protection Bureau verbiage.

Five Day Notice for Mobile Home
For use when tenant owns the mobile home.

Seven Day Notice
For curable breaches of the lease.

Notice of Termination
For non-curable breaches of the lease.

Notice of Non-Renewal
For not renewing the tenant's lease. Please note: Most counties now require 30 days notice.

Notice of Claim on Security Deposit
Send to tenant within 30 days after vacating by certified mail.

Tenant Application Form
To be completed for pre-lease background checks. (Word Document)

Credit Card Authorization
Pay for Evictions Plus services using your credit card.

These Notices can be viewed using Adobe Acrobat Reader which is available without charge from