Our Fees

What does it cost to use Evictions Plus, Inc.?

Fees and charges:
$545.00* - one tenant in any County in Florida
$50.00* - each additional tenant

*Please note: These fees INCLUDE the court filing fee to file the eviction with the court and process serving fees to serve your tenant the eviction lawsuit.

This fee does not include the sheriff's fee to remove your tenant. Typically, 75% of tenants vacate before the sheriff is required. If we need to proceed to this next step, in most counties the sheriff charges $90.00. For an additional fee we can arrange to meet the sheriff on your behalf, change locks and/or remove furniture to the curb in accordance with Florida Statutes.

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In all counties the owner or their representative must meet the Sheriff at the property to remove the tenant if required. For an additional travel fee, a representative from Evictions Plus, Inc. will meet the Sheriff at the property and remove the tenants in any other county in the State. This fee ranges from $50.00 to $300.00 based on how far the property is from Tampa.

The prices shown are a guide for residential evictions only, and are current as of August, 2017.

Please contact us for quotes on commercial evictions.

Our Services Include:

  • Preparation and service of notice where required.
  • Preparation of eviction documents brought to a location convenient to you (i.e Home, Office, Kinko's, etc.)
  • Notarizing
  • Multiple copies and postage required for each eviction
  • Transit of documents between you, the Court and the Sheriff's Office
  • Court Filing Fees
  • Service of Process, Process servers fee for serving the Eviction lawsuit on the tenant
  • For an additional fee, Evictions Plus, Inc. will meet the Sheriff at the rental property and removes the tenant on your behalf.

Additional Services Available:

  • Sheriff's Department fees if tenants need to be removed (most counties $90.00)
  • Removal of tenant possessions (available at an additional $95.00 per hour)
  • Securing of property, changing of locks ($15.00 per lock, plus the cost of locks. Note: We key all locks alike for each premises.)
  • Background checks for new tenants ($50.00 per person for local background check, $75.00 for a national background check.) See the "Free Forms" page for a tenant application.