Tenant Research Services

Verify the Truthfulness of A Tenant Application

Evictions Plus, Inc.™ TRS (Tenant Research Service) has gone National.

We are now able to perform deep background checks on people anywhere in the US. Verify prospective tenants even from out-of-state for greater peace of mind.

To start a TRS search, please complete a Tenant Application Form.

Local, State-wide Tenant Screening: $50.00 per person
Nationwide Tenant Screening: $75.00 per person

Our screening starts with local information - criminal records, civil records, evictions, lawsuits, traffic citations. If the tenant passes the local checks, then we run statewide records - criminal, warrants, Sex Offenders, etc. If your prospective new tenant passes all of these, then we run a National Background Report. This includes all of the above on a national level - plus - bankruptcies, tax judgments, liens, residences, relatives, vehicles, etc.

We start at the bottom and work our way up. If an individual does not pass the local criminal or civil checks, we do not proceed any further. In other words, if the tenant lied on the application and said they have not been evicted but we find evictions on their record, you would not want to rent to them and there would be no reason to search other databases for information.

Our application includes a credit card authorization form that the tenant can complete, so we can charge them directly and you do not have to worry about collecting from them, regardless of the results. If taking cash from the tenants, we recommend collecting the search fee from the applicant in cash prior to faxing us the application. We DO NOT accept checks from applicants. If they pay with a money order, we may accept this, but you are responsible for paying our fee. That's why it is good to collect it up front.

Once we run the application, we will fax or email you the information/reports. Then you mail us a check.

Tenant Application Form To be completed for pre-lease background checks.